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Infinity Field is a first-person sci-fi shooter game. Stuck on a spaceship, you must battle your way through various unique enemy types and intense boss fights, armed with a large arsenal of weaponry. The main roles I took on were that of Systems and Gameplay Programmer, as well as Lead Animator, Texturer, and UI Programmer. Built with Unity by a team of six people, this game was also my mid-term capstone project at Full Sail University.

Engine | Unity

Play Time | 2+ Hours

Download | 

Team Size | 6 Developers

Platform | Windows PC

Play in WebGL |

Roles | Systems/Gameplay Programmer,                 Texturer, Animator

Duration | 01/2023 (2 Months)

All UI Design and Programming

The main menu's Observation menu showcases all of the custom enemy models, textures and animations. This was a way to personalize the various enemies in Infinity Field, giving them life and ultimately, building a story.

All Texturing of Weapons and Enemies

I textured all of the weapons (a total of 6 unique weapons in the game) as well as all of the enemies. I coordinated with our 3D modeler and we both decided on aesthetics that fit the game's story and environments. There was heavy collaboration between the two of us due to dimension requirements for hand placements, etc. when it came to creating custom animations later on.

All Animation - Custom Rigs, Animations, Animation Tweaking

With the various types of enemies in Infinity Field, there had to be a full-time animator. I was the lead animator and also took care of all of the logic behind every enemy, boss, and of course - the player. The controllers and gameplay systems behind these entities are for another discussion.

All non-humanoid enemies had custom rigs built in Blender and animations were created inside Unity using the UMotion Pro package. Other humanoid rigs were generated with Mixamo and exported into Unity, with animations heavily tweaked also inside UMotion Pro.

This page is still currently being developed. Check back very soon for updates!
Infinity Field is released and available to play at the link up top! Play it easier with WebGL too!

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