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Dynamic Dice is a small game demo/prototype project. It is a first/third-person game where you can walk around a small, dense city scene. Inside the corner store, you can admire some of my work in-game, and purchase a set of dice from the clerk to play a light version of Cee-Lo on the cardboard placed out front. Everything you see is custom-made, including 3D models, textures, and audio. This was a solo hobby project and submission to the 2022 Rookies Awards Contest that was awarded a grade of C based on Rookie of the Year.

Engine | Unity

Team Size | Solo Developer

Play Time | 10+ Minutes

Platform | Windows PC

Download | 

Roles | Lead Programmer, 2D/3D                Artist, Audio Engineer

Duration | 06/2022 (3 Month Contest)

This page is currently being developed. Check back very soon!
Dynamic Dice is released and available to play at the link above!

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