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Drenched in Midnight is a first-person horror game inspired by Death Stranding. In this weird and creepy horror, watch out for the vicious scream stalkers that only come out in the rainy darkness. With the help of various power-ups, you must find and collect energy batteries to power up the altar and restore the light. I took the roles of Lead Programmer and Level Designer. This was a team project and submission to's 1-BIT JAM whose theme was Light and Dark.

Engine | Unity

Team Size | 2 Developers

Play Time | 30+ Minutes

Platform | Windows PC + WebGL

Download | 

Roles | Lead Programmer, Level Designer

Duration | 08/2023 (1 Week Game Jam)

This page is currently being developed. Check back very soon!
Drenched in Midnight is released and available to play at the link above! Play it easier in WebGL too!

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