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Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

I bring over 15 years of hobbyist game development expertise, complemented by a recent graduation from Full Sail University's Game Development Bachelor Degree Program. Primarily focused on Systems and Gameplay Programming, I possess versatile skills in the design and art disciplines as well. My portfolio speaks to my diverse abilities across various aspects of game development. I hope you enjoy it!

Click the images below or use the navigation menu to view my work!

Puzzle Paradox Game Project

Puzzle Paradox | Built with Custom C++ Engine | Solo Team | Full Sail University Capstone Project

Infinity Field Game Project

Infinity Field | Built with Unity | Team Size of 6 | Full Sail University Mid-Capstone Project

Espionage Game Project

Espionage | Built with Unity | Solo Team | Personal Project (WIP)

Drenched in Midnight Game Project

Drenched in Midnight | Built with Unity | Team Size of 2 | 1-Bit Game Jam (

Guardian of Root Game Project

Guardian of Root | Built with Unity | Team Size of 2 | 2023 Global Game Jam (

Dynamic Dice Game Project

Dynamic Dice | Built with Unity | Solo Team | 2022 The Rookies Awards Contest

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